Tobias Walter - An Exemplary International Student

By Elaine Kelly | Posted: Wednesday July 4, 2018

Tobias joined us in Term 1 this year from Abensberg near Regensburg in Germany. He is leaving at the end of this term to go back home and has been a remarkable international student.

Tobias has wholeheartedly thrown himself into the life of the school, taking up many of the fantastic opportunities available to him. He has relished Outdoor Education, always remaining positive even in adverse circumstances. Mr Willmott remembers that in Term 1 he was so determined to improve his surfing he was hiring boards and wet suits in the weekend. He also joined the school surf team but spent the time honing his skills (usually in cold and poor conditions) with a couple of other learners. Over the term he continued to improve with all his extra practice. His learning culminating in his epic 'wave of the day' at Warrington beach. Tobias battled his way out the back, with an instructor in tow, and dropped into a monster wave, which he rode into the beach. He quickly earned the respect of his peers for his persistence and courage. 

Tobias has formed strong friendships with many of the boys in his year group and beyond. He has been an invaluable help in the Languages Department, helping in Year 9 classes on German Sausage day and has selflessly given up his own time during lunch to coach Angus Hewett in German. Angus doesn't study German but his parents have arranged a private home stay for him in Germany at the end of this year. The tuition that Tobias has given him will help him have a few words of German upon arrival.

These stories speak to his character which absolutely reflect the values of our school. He can truly be proud to call himself an Otago Boy and we wish him the best with his future studies. Not a goodbye, definitely an "Aufwiedersehen"!

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