13 Classics Attend An Iliad at the Fortune Theatre

By Anne Gorman | Posted: Thursday April 12, 2018

On Tuesday of this week the 13 Classics class took the opportunity to see An Iliad, the Fortune Theatre’s current production.

This is a re-telling of Homer’s Iliad, the text that has been our focus of study this term. Michael Hurst gave a stunning, performance as “the poet” who brings to life the story of Achilles and Hector and the fall of Troy. In a powerful presentation, Hurst enacted all the roles himself. He was accompanied by local musician, Shane P Carter, whose haunting music added to the atmosphere. The play was at times, funny, sad, inspiring and tragic. It was a thought-provoking commentary on the seeming inevitability and the futility of war.

The performance brought to life the ideas and the characters we have been reading about and discussing in Classics this term. All the boys were enthusiastic about the play and would recommend seeing it. Its run at the Fortune ends on April 21.