A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Friday April 13, 2018

I believe Term 1 has been a thoroughly enjoyable term for many in the school. Adjusting to the cold this week though has been a struggle!

As always my favourite moments revolve around the spirit of our boys. Often we see the humour and the energy, not often do we see their integrity.

Last week I was told of a wonderful story involving one of our Year 13's. In last years NCEA Level 2 examinations, this boy was awarded Merit for one of his papers. But, when his examination scripts was returned he noticed this same paper had been marked at Not Achieved, a large drop from Merit! Obviously there had been a clerical error, one in his favour.

The key question became should he tell? If he did, would that impact upon his future and if it was not his mistake, should he worry.

I am very proud to say that he did come forward and he has contacted NZQA to alert them to the error. At this stage I do not know the outcome of this. 

Reflecting on this, I have been tremendously heartened to see one of our young men show our school value of honour so well. For him, being honourable was more important than any advantage he may have wrongly gained and I applaud him for it. I have been asked not to name him, but it is a great indicator of his values and his families.If we have young men like this in our community, we will be in good heart.

Enjoy the time with your son over the break.