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By Matthew Markham | Posted: Sunday April 8, 2018

A touch of Scotland at School House.

The whirl of the bagpipes could be heard around the normal quiet streets of Roslyn on Thursday night as a haggis was presented to School House. The presentation of the haggis was the first in our international formal dinners, with more to follow next term. It was a very humorous event and was thoroughly enjoyed by both boys and staff. New maintenance man Lee Hart proved that his skills go beyond just maintenance duties, skillfully piping the haggis into the dining hall. With the Scottish tradition in Dunedin, and at the hostel, it was a very appropriate way to mark the start of international formal dinners. As will be the way at every end of term formal dinner a few awards were handed out. The winners are as follows:

Year Nine

Academic:                                             Thomas O’Connor

Citizenship:                                          Cody Campbell

Sport and Culture:                            Jack Light

Year Ten

Academic:                                             Brayden Foote

Citizenship:                                          Cody Thompson

Sport and Culture:                            Symon Maguire

Year 11

Academic:                                             Thomas Grayson

Citizenship:                                          Blake Cormack

Sport and Culture:                            Angus Faulks

Year 12

Academic:                                             Jackson Toms

Citizenship:                                          Sam Henderson

Sport and Culture:                            Jack Webber

Year 13

Academic:                                             Nicolas Sinnott

Citizenship:                                          Lochlann O’Sullivan

Sport and Culture:                            Thomas Grant 

Along with the award the boys got a voucher for a dinner at Velvet Burger next term which I am sure they are looking forward to. Congratulations boys! 

As I write this article the temperature has dropped and the forecast is for snow on the hills around Dunedin. With the warm weather we have had recently this may come as a bit of shock, but is a reminder that winter is on its way and with it winter sport! The following is a message from Mr Hoffman about the gear required for winter sport and its associated costs.


If new to the sport/school and not in the 1st or 2ndXV then there is a cost for the rugby gear.

Jersey $85.00

Shorts $45.00

Socks $15.00

Mouth guards compulsory


Junior boys wear their PE uniform but have to purchase socks $15.00


Boys wear their PE uniform but have to purchase socks $15.00 and a mouthguard.


All boys required to have a basketball singlet $45.00 use PE shorts. Mouth guards compulsory.

Badminton and Squash use their PE uniform when playing competition.

If you have any enquiries please contact Mr Hoffman our Sports Coordinator.

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first made the move down to Dunedin back in the middle of January. What I have found is a great bunch of boys who have adapted well to the changes that have been made and have a love of the school and the hostel. Boarding life is never without its challenges for both staff and students. Like a family, any boarding establishment will have its ups and downs. However, this term, in the hostel, the 'ups' have certainly been more numerous than the 'downs'. The boys should be proud of their efforts and I wish them a great holiday break and look forward to seeing them all at the start of term two. 

I would also like to say a big thank you to all the parents for your support this term and I look forward to catching up with many of you at Cultural Night on Thursday.

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