Exciting times ahead for the OBHS Hostel

By Brent Nicholson | Posted: Tuesday March 27, 2018

Many of the Old Boys, friends of the school, caregivers and parents may have heard by now that our project to secure more land and a home adjoining the hostel has been secured by Otago Boys High School

In the immediate future this means more room for our boys, easier access for visitors and accommodation for the manager and his family.

This has come about through a lot of hard work, due diligence and one person who is committed to helping the school hostel project move forward.

The hostel boys represent 15%-20% of the total school roll and bring a regional flavour to the school. This mixed with the day pupils benefits the outcome of all students. As an old hostel boy myself, I can personally recommend the many benefits I experienced. I would not have had such a colourful life without the experience.

There are many old boys and friends of Otago Boys’ back in our communities and overseas who have fond memories and respect for their time at OBHS. If you want to be part of this development we have planned for this new site please make contact with our foundation team,  a board member or Richard Hall our Rector.

We want our Old Boys’ and friends of OBHS to be part of our PAY FORWARD movement. Our donations or work today continue to hold our school and hostel solid for our future students and generations.

Our Hostel is a business and any annual excess funds are funnelled towards continued development of our future community leaders.

Our past Foundation members who contributed money over the last 14 years have donated $350,000 towards the development of this new site adjoining the Hostel. The Foundation is committed to the success of this GREAT PROJECT.


Brent Nicholson - 027 313 5876

Paul Twemlow - 477 3473

John Blaikie – 021 0430 770

Geoff Bates – 477 4783