Debating Season Starts

By Maria Zammit | Posted: Wednesday March 7, 2018

Junior debating kicked off this week.

Five of our six competitors travelled to Logan Park to debate a moot where the house wanted to ban fireworks.

Year 9 students George Hamilton, Aaryan Alexander, and Matthew Visser took part in their first debate as First, Second, and Third Speakers, respectively. They hotly contested the debate, earning praise from the debate adjudicator, but lost by a very narrow margin of 3.5 points.

Year 10 students Kaia Sheehy-Wikio and Daniel Visser were so eager to debate that they didn’t let something like an incomplete team stop them – they formed a team with a debater from another school. The combined team argued from the negative position, securing a win.

Awesome work by our debaters for the first moot of the year, and good luck when the juniors compete again in a fortnight.