A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Friday February 16, 2018

The first full academic week of the year has passed. Yesterday also saw the publication of the first Interim Report for the year.

Parents and caregivers can access that report through our Parent Portal. Mr Hooper has emailed, to each parent, instructions on how to do this.

A key attribute of any successful learner is organisation, and for any student an important tool is a diary. This year we have gone back to our traditions, and we have every Year 9 and 10 with their own homework diary. More than simply tracking homework, this tool helps the boys plan what gear they have to bring, which events and meetings may be coming up and how, obviously they are keeping tabs on their academic learning.

It's purpose is to also serve as a communication tool between home and school. Your teacher, can and will, write comments, you too can do the same.

There is clear evidence in our school, that a student who is organised achieves better. It really is common sense.