Wellbeing Seminar

By OBHS | Posted: Tuesday January 30, 2018

OBHS is excited to present an important and timely seminar for our school community at the start of our academic year.

Presented by Dr Denise Quinlan, this practical session will share tips and strategies that parents and students can use to keep their heads above water in a busy year. The good news – wellbeing is our best protection against the stresses and challenges of everyday life. You will find out what wellbeing is made up of, and simple ways to support it; why focusing on what’s right and knowing your strengths can help wellbeing and achievement; how to combat the ‘fragile thoroughbred’ syndrome that sees many teenagers afraid to try or giving up after failure; and how to make friends with your stress and use it as a resource. Last but not least, this session will remind parents that love, acceptance and belonging are the most important things you can continue to give busy, worried or less-than-totally-lovely students.

Dr Denise Quinlan, NZIWR Director, BIO

Dr Denise Quinlan contributes to the development of wellbeing in education and the workplace through her research, programme development and face-to-face consulting and training. She founded the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience with fellow academics to ensure the promotion of wellbeing was backed by rigorous scientific evidence. Collaboration with a cluster of six schools for almost a decade has given Denise a deep understanding of the challenges faced by school in building wellbeing and the approaches required to transform wellbeing in schools. Denise has worked extensively in wellbeing development in state and private education in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

Dr Quinlan speaks at national and international wellbeing conferences and her work has been published in international academic journals and edited volumes.

Please share this event with friends and family from all schools. We hope to see you at this important presentation by a pre-eminent expert on wellbeing and positive psychology. 

OBHS Auditorium
Thursday 8 February

Tickets: $10