Popstars - The 90's Musical

By Jay Lee and Nigel Chiruka | Posted: Thursday May 26, 2016

Many of you know that the OBHS and OGHS production, Popstars - the 90's Musical, was a show that had a lot of effort put into it by staff and students.

It turned out to be a great success as it attracted hundreds of people from around Dunedin. Personally for us, the show was a completely new experience, we had never done something so far out of our comfort zone yet it was definitely one of our highlights of the year so far. 

Everyone in the production environment was so supportive which helped push people to do their best on show nights. Since production brings students from OGHS and OBHS together, it is a great opportunity to meet amazing people with great talents and to make new friends. If you somehow managed to miss the show this year, be sure to get in quick next year and see what the students of OBHS and OGHS can bring to the theatre!

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