School House Returns

By Matthew Markham | Posted: Monday January 29, 2018

The boys have returned from their summer holidays and suddenly quiet, leafy Melrose Street, has become a hive of activity.

School House has started the year in a positive fashion with the boys keen to be back, and enjoying catching up with their friends. The recent heat wave has meant that sleeping has been difficult at times and the promised cool down later in the week is being greatly looked forward to! The newbies have settled in well and many boarding staff have commented on how quickly they have got to know each other and how sociable they are, which has been great to see.  

Trips to the beach and frisbee golf have been enjoyed by the boys and a few photos of these outings are included in this article. Many of our boarders enjoyed a great deal of success at the recent South Island Club Rowing Championship and are training hard for Maadi which is towards the end of March at Twizel.  The Year 9's head off to camp over Waitangi weekend with Mr Hall and Mr Roe at the school lodge at Mt Aspiring and I am sure the boys will have a great time.  

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