A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Monday September 25, 2017

Bull Rush - Heck Yes!

In the early part of this century there was a concerted effort to get rid of bull rush.


Here's what I believe bull rush teaches you about life.

1. Sometimes the small guy does tackle the big boy.

2. Sometimes he doesn't. Either way, after he has made the tackle (or not), he has to get up and go again. Life is like that.

3. Sometimes in life you get called out. But if you stand tall and go hard, it can work out in your favour.

4.  It teaches you to moderate your behavior. If you watch a game of bull rush closely you see that the boys naturally moderate the levels. Very rarely does a big boy dominate a little boy. Usually what happens is another big boy will lend a hand or two or three little boys will lend a hand.

5. You get injured. While this is not the goal, it happens, and as long as the game is fair, it is sometimes just one of those things. Sometimes in life too you get injured.

6.  You don't have a referee. In life you don't usually have someone to adjudicate every step of the way.

7. The smartest players plan their route before the set off. You see them work out the best plan before they start. Do that in life and it will go well.

8.  We all need friends. In bull rush your friends help you out when you need it. They do in life too.

9. Actions have consequences. Pick the wrong guy and you are left sprawling in the dirt. In life we must all understand that our actions have consequences.

10. You get grubby knees. And that is great.

With senior exams completed and a busy term at its end, I wish you all an enjoyable and safe holiday. I look forward to everyone returning refreshed for the start of Term 4.