A Message From The Deputy Rector

By Andrew Turner | Posted: Thursday November 30, 2017

Its hard to believe we are already in December, the final week of what has been a fantastic year.

Seniors have all but finished their external exams and juniors are looking to finish strong in their final week. Next Friday we will celebrate the academic, cultural and sporting performances of our junior students and once again marvel at their achievements.

In a school that values excellence and strives to be the best, sometimes we can overlook the little incremental steps we gain. After all, success is relative. Now don’t get me wrong, yes there are winners and losers and we will always celebrate our tall poppies, but it’s essential that we also celebrate our own personal success stories.

The student, who on day one, was petrified and struggled to make friends. He now has hundreds of brothers. The student who struggled in a subject area now accepts his challenge and is working towards strengthening his weakness with the support of his teachers and mates. The student who tried learning a language, playing an instrument, joining a group or sports team for the first time. How much confidence have they gained from this experience?

We don’t have the time to award certificates for these achievements because I would suggest that they are too numerous to fully appreciate. I do however encourage you to reflect on these personally and use them as inspiration for yourself moving forward and the fuel for the challenge of a new year.

I personally will reflect on the wonderful experiences and memories I have had at Otago Boys’ High School. This truly is a special place. On behalf of myself and family thank you for making us feel so welcome and allowing us the opportunity to be part of an amazing community. I wish you all the best and look forward to visiting in the future and hearing of the ongoing success of the school.

Warm regards

Andrew Turner
Deputy Rector