Outstanding Public Speaking Results for OBHS Students

By Tom Stevens | Posted: Thursday November 30, 2017

This year has been extremely successful for OBHS students studying Speech NZs Public Speaking and Communication Syllabus in the Shand at lunchtimes and after school.

The Syllabus covers a range of communication skills including informative and impromptu talks, social speeches and discussion skills. Five boys across three Grades participated in exams, with Ben Hogan and Tom Sharp completing the three Grade Six Modules, James Williamson sitting the two Grade Five Modules and in their first year studying public speaking and communication, Shea Darwen and Nicholas Wright completing the Grade Three exam.

Ben received Honours and two Honours Plus.

Tom received two Honours and an Honours Plus.

James received Honours and an Honours Plus.

Shea and Nicholas both received Merit Plus.

These results are outstanding, especially the Honours Pluses only being awarded on rare occasions for exemplary work. Due to their results, Ben and Tom have both automatically been nominated for the Grade Six Speech NZ Scholarship. These high marks are a testament to the boys’ work ethic and commitment.