2017 Term 3 Students Of The Term

By OBHS | Posted: Tuesday October 31, 2017

This morning at assembly the Students of the Term for Term 3 were announced. Congratulations to the following students.

Year 9 - Benjamin Burrow 

Benjamin is rock solid in every area. He is involved in Choir and Football as well as the classroom. He works hard and is kind to others. He thinks about his impact on his community while seeking high levels of success in every endeavour.

Year 10 - Leo Holt 

Leo exhibits the values of an OBs student as well as achieving excellence academically and giving strong leadership.

Year 11 - Thomas Ryan 

Thomas is hardworking and focussed. He balances high engagement in his school work along with his commitment and involvement with rowing. He is a role model for hostel and day boys alike.

Year 12 - Mohamad Taha

Mohamad exhibits all the values of an OBs student. He shows excellence in Perseverance and Diligence.

Year 13 - Garth Wales 

Garth is an excellent student. His work is well beyond expectations. Garth volunteered to help in class whenever he had a study period and persevered when this was not an easy assignment. He is a mature and helpful young man.