Hamish Bond Presents Winter Sport Blues

By OBHS | Posted: Tuesday October 17, 2017

Former Head Boy and Olympic medalist, Hamish Bond, was the guest at Friday morning's Blues assembly.

After Mr Hall finished listing off Hamish's many achievements, students heard about some of the important life lessons he has learnt on his journey as an elite athlete. 

While understating his academic prowess, Hamish talked about how he had also completed study outside of his sporting commitments and recognised that his career could potentially end at any time and the importance of having options. He touched on a point made by Mr Hall that athletes must make considerable sacrifices to pursue their dreams. Hamish acknowledged there was some hard work, but that he tried to frame it more positively, saying it wasn't that much of a sacrifice if you think about the endless summers and doing something you loved. The challenge of people saying he wouldn't be able to do something was also a major motivator to Hamish who often took it upon himself to prove these people wrong. 

His take home message though was the importance of being a 'good person'. He said many doors shut to those who were not liked and lacked character. In his words, don't be a 'dickhead'.

Blues recipients are:


Joshua Kellett, Samuel Hewson, Jared Dixon, Jonathon Nee.


Hendrix Denham, Hunter Kindley, Te Ngaru Wehi, Levi Cockroft, Taiaroa Porima-Flavell, Nathan Hanna, Benjamin Reeves, George Bright, Mitchell Hughan, Tyler Summers, Michael Ruske.


Riley Jelleyman, Max Lough, Ethan Lau, Ryan Lau.

Cross Country

Nathan Hill, Liam Turner, Jack Divers, Flynn Steel, Nicholas Pryde.


Hunter Walker, Matthew Lunam, Marc Cormack.


Jacob Alderson, Kasam Ali, Oscar Black, Max Chu, George Gray, Mark James, Kyle Mace, Aston Pearcy, Quinton Pearcy, Louis Peyroux, Will Riddell, Thomas Scoles, Shay Thom, Will Young.


Jack Pryde, Hugh Chapman, Charles Holt, Louis Holt.

Ice Hockey

Carlin Baumgartner, Connor Rolfe, Liam de Beer.


Jackson Aluesi, Oban Hansen.

Services to Sport

Thomas Grant


Bradley Affleck, Nathan Briggs, Henry Wilson.


Cameron Jefferies, Nicholas Pryde, Jack McDowall, Elliott Alloo, Jack Divers.


Joshua Moore, Gracin Harrex, Jack Maffey.


Nicholas Pryde, Louis Harris, Nathan Hill, Jack Divers.


Mitchell Mahoni-Rae, Jayden Henderson, Abraham Pole, Sean Jansen, Anton Schroder, Joseph Aldrich-Williams, Taine Te Whata, Samuel Jones, James Arscott, Tevita Asi, Fausia Loulanting, Burns Mills, Midge van Boxtel, Max Brown, Layne Opetaia, Tevita Pole, Taylor Dale, Jesse Vaafusuaga, Taniora Raniera, Isaak Te Hiwi, Joseph Siale, Josiah Lesa, Jordan Hand, Nicholas Washington, Hilary Takau.

New Zealand Honours


Joshua Mackie


Liam Turner, Anton Schroder, Cameron Miller.


Abraham Pole

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