Breakfast With Your Brothers

By OBHS | Posted: Wednesday September 27, 2017

Thanks to the generosity of Harraways and the School Council, students have been able to get a bowl of hot porridge for breakfast to start the day off well. 

We are trialing the breakfast scheme this week so that we can roll it out for next term with no lumps or problems in the system. The response has been really positive. The boys know their oats, and we were asked if we were using Harraways - Otago oats of course being the best! Brown sugar, milk and cream are also important topping favourites. 

'Breakfast with your Brothers' starts at 8 am and is available until 8.45 am. All students need to do is eat, enjoy and wash up their dishes. 

A big thanks to Harraways, the School Council and the Canteen for making this happen. 

Lynn Vare, Hilary Stumbles, Adrienne Buckingham and Enoka Taufua (Working group).

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