A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Tuesday September 19, 2017

Resilience is a term used often. It appears in our school mission statement and it often passes the lips of our teachers and parents.

But how do you teach resilience - the falling down AND the getting up?

Yesterday saw the first of our resilience days here at school. The aim was simple, as most good things are. We wanted the students to understand that resilience is a trait that we all need and that it can be worked like any kind of fitness.

The Year 9's and 10's had a range of presenters and experiences. Expertly led by Mr Turner, the boys were shown resilience through challenges. The session I saw, in particular the demonstration with the coke cans heightened the understanding of how we all have moments when we are ready to explode, but how you take that pressure off, how you lessen it carefully and with thought, means that we are not left with the messy consequence of an explosion.

I hope that you get the opportunity this weekend to discuss with your son some of the messages behind the fun and how he can relate those to situations he and his friends might face. Of how understanding of just how 'full-up' someone is, might allow us to help them get to a better place.Enjoy your weekend.