The Good, The Bad And The Library

By Lynn Vare | Posted: Friday September 15, 2017

Welcome to our new cartoon strip created by Year 11 student Luke Hargest, who as well as being a very busy and talented art student, is also an hilarious student library assistant with a sense of humour similar to mine!

What started as banter about him designing a new sign for our Book Club, soon turned into the idea of a cartoon strip.

Lots of things happen in the library, from the most mundane to the sublime. This first strip was inspired by the words of teacher Justin Zani who exclaimed with despair that "This photocopier hates me!" Of course the copier doesn't hate anyone, neither does the Librarian, and the characters in the cartoon are not any actual staff or students from here. However, any of you who have had to cope with copiers and other office appliances will absolutely recognise the frustration of the poor man tormented by the Copier.

Luke and I sit down with a story board and develop the ideas. After 24 years as a librarian I have lots of stories! Luke then develops our ideas into the final artwork. It's been great fun and we hope to publish a few more before the end of the year - there's more to be told about the Possessed Copier and it's evil sidekick the Librarian. 

We hope you enjoy it!