Pasifika Students Dare To Succeed

By Enoka Taufua | Posted: Thursday August 31, 2017

A group of our Pasifika students attended the third installment of the Dare to Succeed programme last Friday. 

The focus for this visit was Health Science. Students were informed about what Health Science was all about, learning what was required and what to expect in the course. What was of most interest for our students was learning about the different professions that can be explored with this degree. 

Students also learnt about the support structures that are offered to Pasifika students, hearing testimonials from current students and meeting tutors. In the final activity of the day, students were asked to design a health centre for Pasifika peoples. This gave our boys an opportunity to talk about and address some major issues within the community and work on solutions to counter these issues. 

An informative and eye opening afternoon with like minded pasifika students from around Dunedin. Everyone had a great time. 

A big thank you to Eric, Talai Nabalagi and their staff for hosting us.

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