Year 10 English - Speech

By Hoani Wipaki | Posted: Monday August 28, 2017

Power corrupts people we know this for sure,
It's the sad reality we all have in our core,
Sometimes the temptations become too much,
And we delve into what I call the Devil’s clutch.

Greed runs deep within our society,
People double crossing like moneys, a number one priority,
Everyone's just trying to get ahead,
Stepping on one another showing integrity is dead.

Only the realist people will resist feeding their faces,
And instead give their plate to those in less fortunate places.

No progress will be made if these lunatics stay in power,
Because the policies they make only increase their net worth per hour.

We need to stand collectively and come up with a new plan,
We need a social reform where we can all stand,
Stand with pride, representing our quarter,
Sharing our opinions and opening our boarders.

We need to assemble our intelligent people together,
To discuss issues like the changing weather,
Before we regret these decisions we're making forever.
This is a path we need to endeavour.

We're a billion years in the making,
About to ruin it all because we keep taking,
I can feel Mother Earth aching,
She's on the point of completely breaking.

We have everything we need,
To live sustainably and proceed,
Proceed into the next evolution,
Where technology and automation become the solution.

I don't think it's right,
How a few people control,
Control all these resources,
And the rest have to pay a toll.

The media moulding our thoughts,
So the real image becomes distort,
Filling our minds with useless information,
Like what celebrities did on their latest vacation,
Keeping us distracted by the new trend,
Whilst the world creeps closer to its end.

Why don't they report things that actually matter?
Like all these hidden deals and war crimes that shatter?
Shatter people's lives beyond belief,
Dropping bombs on their homes to kill a terrorist chief.
They don't seem to care about collateral damage,
As long as they eliminate or secure their "dangerous package".
At the heart of it all,
It’s powered by greed,
They want to control oil and the central bank scheme.
Because with oil they make the world go round,
But it's running our environment into the ground.
And the Rothschild conspiracy isn't that hard to believe,
When you do some real research so stop being naive.

There are plenty of renewable energy sources we can use instead of oil,
But the big companies don't want their profits to spoil,
So they fill the pockets of politicians,
So they can create policies that eliminate any competition.

World War III is just around the corner,
Heat’s climbing like we're in a sauna,
The powers that be don't care who they betray,
As long as they and their buddies get their way.

It's a daunting task to try change society,
But it's a challenge that fuels the fire inside of me,
We need to sit down and speak with one another,
With kind words and showing respect to a fellow brother.

Compassion, empathy, integrity and love are fundamental morals people need to be an ambassador for a positive movement.

So be a change maker.