Junior Debate Competition Underway...

By Stewart Tagg | Posted: Friday August 25, 2017

This week has seen teams of three go head to head in the annual OBHS Debate Competition. The arguments have been fierce in the first round and the rebuttal tenacious too as our boys have battled their wit and intellect during lunchtimes.

Results to date:

THW ban the sale of alcohol - winners: Xavier Hill, Josh Brunt, Zichen Fu

THW arm the police - winners: Luke Geddes, Moss Pelvin, Ciaran McBurney

THW make Te Reo compulsory at high school - winners: Cody Thompson, MacLeod Glaister, Braiden Foote

THW make public transportation free - Liam Kerr, Ben Burrow, Michael Crossan

Second round kicks off next week...

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