A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Monday August 7, 2017

This week, in assembly and around the school, we focused on 'looking after your mates'.

Everyone needs someone to care for them and in our school often, the most powerful person to do that is a mate. Mates care and good mates care deeply, they show it too. There is no better example of this than the two separate groups that saw the counselor, following assembly, concerned about a mate. A sure sign of a true mate.

As parents, often it can be a fine line between being a parent and a mate. I strongly believe that your first job is to be a parent and then a mate. Parents are powerful people, they provide much moral and ethical support to any young person. They instigate the rules and follow through on the promises. But it can be wearying. Certainly this week, I have met with parents who are treading the line between staying in the role of parent or moving into the 'it's his life, his choice front'. That seems to happen most when your son gets to Year 13, precisely the time when he needs you.

Often too, as a parent you can feel that you are the 'mean' one, while he tells you that all the other parents are ok with their son's doing this.  I am telling you often they are not, it's just that they have been told the same thing too.

If you are thinking; when will I ever be able to just hang out and have fun with no responsibility, that's easy, when he has his kids and you are a grandparent!

Enjoy your weekend.