Pasifika Students Attend University Of Otago Workshop

By Enoka Taufua | Posted: Monday June 26, 2017

Last Friday a group of our Pasifika students were invited to attend a workshop hosted by the University of Otago.

The aim of this workshop was to inform students of courses available at the University. This one in particular focused on Commerce. Students were given an outline of the structures of the course, looking at possible Majors and Minors that can make up a Bachelor of Commerce. A clear pathway was identified, showing where the degree could take you. Students heard accounts of Pasifika graduates and testimonies from current students and their journeys. 

There was a fun activity which involved the students putting their management, accounting and economics hats on when they were asked to design their own drink. Key questions such as, who is your target market?, at what price will you sell? and how would the product be advertised? challenged our students. Henry Stowers (Year 12 student) reported that "it was a good experience. It was a good opportunity to learn about what Commerce offered in the future". 

Next term the workshop will focus on Health Science. We would like to thank the University of Otago for the great experience. All our students received valuable information to take home.

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