World Vision Youth Conference

By Ryan Lau | Posted: Friday March 31, 2017

On Monday I attended the World Vision Youth Conference. It was a leader course set on raising awareness of current issues and what young people can do to help.

The focus this year was on the refugees of Syria. The world has almost forgotten about the devastation it has caused and the war is now entering its seventh year. The truth is, it was forgotten probably after 2013, when some of the bigger attacks died down. There is less support, but the aim of the Conference was to change that. Not only did the Conference make those who attended more aware of the issues that this world faces, but also how to help solve them.

This year, the 40 Hour Famine is raising funds towards refugee camps for the refugees of Syria. The focus now is on education. Almost half of all Syrian refugees are children, and the war has stopped many kids education. Many losing up to 6 years of learning. The amount of funds raised will go towards new classrooms, teachers, recovery programmes, food and stationary. But this all depends on how much they raise. 

$20 will provide a child with a stationary pack for a year, $75 will give a child the opportunity to meet with counsellors and go through a process of recovery from experiences they should never experience. $100 is enough to train a teacher and equip them with the knowledge to teach. And finally, $2500 is enough to fund a whole classroom, with decks and chairs and resources to give these children a way to learn and to be happy again.

So the challenge to you is will you? Will you try to give those less fortunate than you a better education?