By OBHS | Posted: Wednesday March 1, 2017

As you know, thousands of kids got their first smartphone at Christmas. The idea is to teach them safe camera-behaviour from the start. They are then much more likely to think twice before sharing an unsafe image.

The app SelfieCop can be of extra help for kids who need additional support.
It encourages them to STOP & THINK before taking or sharing risky photos.

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The app works in 2 ways:
 Automatic anti-sexting alerts appear every time the child's camera is
 Parents can be sent a copy of the child's photos and videos to check them
for safety.


SelfieCop takes just minutes to set-up and works in 2 ways:

Child-App only...

Install the Child-App on your child's phone or tablet.
Your child will then see a safety reminder everytime their camera is
turned 'on'.
This teaches your child to STOP &THINK before sharing a photo.
(This option may be used for children of any age.)

2 Child-App + Parent-App...

Install the Parent-App onto the parent's smartphone.
Link the Parent-App to the Child-App and share the encryption code.
The parent can then review copies of photos taken by their child.
(This option should only be used on children up to about 13 years.)

The idea is to teach safe behaviours early, so when children are older (and a
tool like SefieCop is less appropriate) they are more likely to think twice
before sharing an unsafe image.