The Last Word

By Hunter Kindley | Posted: Tuesday February 14, 2017

Brotherhood - What actually is a brother?

One dictionary definition states that a brother is someone who is related to another through common ties or interests. Personally I view a brother as someone that shares the same interests but more importantly is a good friend, whether this be in the class room, on the stage or on the field. The majority of the blokes that I view as brothers often share one obvious similarity and that is the crest on our blazers.

We always get told that our school days will be the best days in our lives, a cliché that I am only now fully buying into. As it is the boys that surround us in grey or white shirts that make this place so great.

As a Year 9 being introduced to OBHS we are immediately immersed in the school’s culture and traditions. This year’s Year 13’s were lucky enough to arrive on the schools 150th anniversary. As an over confident, big headed Year 9 I had the privilege of giving tours of the school to OB’s old boys – something that I will never forget. The stories that those men had, the passion in which they sung our school song and most importantly the brotherhood that they still shared was unmistakable. This was when I first noticed the power behind the brotherhood in our school.

Another memory that has remained vivid in my mind over the last few years was the Year 10 camp at Mount Aspiring. I distinctly remember on one particular day while on our tramp, we went to explore some of the waterholes. Eventually we found a small cave just under the waterfall. One by one our class filled the cave and without hesitation, as if it was planned, began the school haka. It is safe to say that this particular moment and the Mount Aspiring camp was the first time that I truly considered myself part of this brotherhood.

Otago Boys' High School is something much bigger than us, however as Max said last week it is us who can decide the fate of our school.

Lads, we have the opportunity to turn a good year into a great year so let’s make the most of it. As the school song goes; past sons have laid the platform and as present sons it is our task to advance this outstanding culture.

Through enthusiasm and effort, we can not only be better friends but we can be better brothers.

As per tradition I will leave you with a quote by the late great Muhammad Ali, “Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.”