Welcome to week 7 of term 1

By Richard Hall | Posted: Friday March 13, 2015

Acting on school improvement is the role of a school. School improvement to us means continual development of expert teaching practice, reinforcement of high expectations, clear boundaries and a rise in the academic achievement of boys.

Alongside this is our character education, the development and focus on “Good Man” characteristics. This week assembly recognised groups of young men who have shown some of the characteristics of good men: service, selflessness, action and empathy.

Aiden Geraghty was recognised for action when a friend suffered an epileptic seizure in town. Aiden’s quick and decisive action saved the boy from permanent harm. Flynn Meyer, Oliver Palmer-Hargreaves and Sam Cornfoot have given of their own time to teach sailing to disabled students and lastly Jordan MacDonald showed the characteristics of a good man when in the pouring rain last Friday he got down on the road to help a teacher change her tyre.

This small recognition I hope seeps into the minds of our young men. We especially are looking at using a Feel, THINK, Act model as opposed to a student’s usual Feel, Act framework. This thinking about appropriate response – taking your time, will hopefully lead to better decision making.

Next Thursday is our first Senior Academic Coaching Day. This is an important event, so important that we stop the senior timetable. It is compulsory for parents and students. At this meeting real, measurable and specific academic goals will be made with each whanau. Assistant Principal, Mr Hooper has emailed all students and parents times. I am happy to write to employers on your behalf if getting time off work is difficult. Research has shown that if we have both the parent and the boy, we have a much better plan and a much better outcome.

Next Friday, the 20th is a teacher only day. On this day staff will engage in professional learning aimed at critical reflection of individual teacher practice. No students will be expected to be at school and with Otago Anniversary on the Monday hostel students we also expect to go home.

As always if you have any questions please contact the office.

Richard Hall