Hostel v Day Boys League 

By Andrew Turner | Posted: Tuesday November 1, 2016

The much anticipated ‘Hostel’ vs ‘Day Boys’ Rugby League match was held on Tuesday 1st November. The spectacle once again did not disappoint with both passion and skill on display. 

After the initial fireworks and venting of steam in the first 5 minutes, both teams settled into their games. The ‘Day’ boys launched waves of attack and were met with uncompromising defence. This defence was rewarded when ‘Hostel’ play maker, James Holland, found some space through the inside channel and scored an 80 metre try!! The crowd came alive. The ‘Hostel’ held their 1 try lead until Ricky Jackson stole a cheeky intercept right on the stroke of half time. The game was in the balance.

The ‘Day’ boys were the first to score in the second half. Some quick clearing work by veteran Mr Martin, put Sam Dickson into space down a vacant edge. Despite the onslaught of tacklers, he was able to offload to Thomas Walsh who scored and put the ‘Day’ boys in front.

The lead was short lived as the ‘Hostel’ boys found lazy defenders around the rucks and Taine Te Whata pushed over the line to bring the scores level. The gloves were now off and blow for blow, both teams surged but were unable to score. In the final play of a ‘Hostel’ attack Tim Hogan weaved his magic and scored to put his team in front with 3 minutes to play. This would not be the end of the script.

A determined 'Day’ boy side would not let the curtain close without one last dance. Their swift distribution from the rucks and strong ball carriers quickly moved them toward the oppositions line. The momentum was too much and Adrian Fou crashed over the line to level the score with a minute to play.

An elated crowd from both sides chanted their teams home in the dying minutes but could not break the dead lock. The final whistle blew and the teams stood at stale mate.

'Hostel’ vs ‘Day' boy regulations state- “…in the event of a draw, the shield holders will retain the title and claim the victory”. And claim it they did.

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