OBHS Rowing

By Bill O'Sullivan | Posted: Thursday October 20, 2016

The new rowing season begins this weekend with the long distance row from Cromwell to Clyde. Sure to blow the cobwebs away.

Our senior’s will be the only ones competing in this and our juniors/novices will have their time to shine in the sun at Twizel and what a treat they are in for.

We welcome all new rowers to the club especially the novices and their hard working parents. We also welcome our two hard youthful working coaches, great to have you on board. 

Last weekend we had the Otago Indoor Erg Champs where all our boys had to front up. There were some good times but I'm sure head coach will be targeting a few to get those extra winter rolls off. 

This week we took delivery of our new coach boat. 

The AGM has been and all positions were hotly contested. The work has begun, let's show the others how it's done on the water and row with pride for your club.