The Last Word

By Mitch Pryde | Posted: Monday October 17, 2016

Excellence is a quality that surpasses ordinary or is unusually good. Surpassing ordinary doesn't take talent, it's not something you are born with, it's a mind set, you have to want to be better than ordinary. 

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." Excellence doesn't always mean you have to be the smartest, fastest or strongest but by using some of the most minute qualities you have and sharing your knowledge can go a long way; by giving back to something or someone that has helped you out or someone who is less fortunate. 

There are many ways as students, as young men that we can give back as the 2016 year comes to a close. 

As externals creep closer and closer, teachers work harder and harder to be able help you get the best possible grade that you can obtain. Our teachers are surpassing ordinary, they devote their time to us, the students, to help us succeed in what we want to do. The least we can do as students to give back to the teachers who dedicate their time is to not give up when it gets hard, not to think “stuff it” because you can't be bothered anymore. Think of all the time that the teachers have put into our academic studies, knuckling down for these last few hurdles to give something back to them for all the hard work they have done to get us where we are now. 

For Year 13, once the curtain closes and the fat lady sings later on this year it does not exactly mean it has to be full time. Each and every one of us has valuable qualities which we can give back to the school over the next few years of our life, through tutoring and coaching. We can help other OB’s boys reach their potential in life through connecting with one and thriving off the value we offer in order for them to be excellent in what they do. As Mr Hall, says, put your hand up not out, be willing to help, give back to the OB’s community as for most of us over the past 5 years it has given much more than schooling, it has taught the ever strong values of Excellence, Honour, Perseverance, and Courage. It has also created friendships and some of the best times of your life will be within the walls here at Otago Boys’ High School. 

Abraham Lincoln once said,“He has a right to criticise, who has a heart to help,” which brings me to my next point. One act of kindness can heal a wound, and every single one of us is capable of helping, to heal wounds. Those who are less fortunate than us, who can't exactly do the same things, live the same life, deserve to feel normal, deserve to have fun and live a happy life. The act of fundraising can go a long way, a small gesture can fill a big hole, and this Friday you have a chance to help. 

This Friday there will be a sausage sizzle outside the canteen at interval and lunchtime to raise money for a former OB’s boy, Mitch Pereira, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer almost a year and half ago. Unfortunately for Mitch Vitamin C infusions are the only hope he has. A mate to many boys in this auditorium, Mitch has begun to write his bucket list. Showing true OB’s values, we want to help. The act of each and every one of you buying a sausage will go further than you can ever imagine. Raid your piggy banks, look down the cracks of the couch and bring along some spare change for a $2 sausage on Friday, to help out. 

As per tradition I'll finish with a quote. “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” - Barack Obama