A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Thursday October 20, 2016

You cannot study and use your phone.

Sorry boys, but if you are serious about your study then a phone is nothing more than a distraction. If you need someone's help - ask your teacher or attend one of the many tutorials on offer in our school.

I studied at school today - is not enough.

You need to do more; a lot more, what your teachers are giving you is their help and support, but it is not 'enough', it is not even close. I used the 40 rule. 40 minutes per subject per night was all I could manage after a busy day at school - you may be able to do more (and I did more on the weekends). 40 minutes is a 5 - 10 minute warm up into the topic, 25 minutes of really good learning and 5 minute warm down. 

Then I got up and moved, but I did not watch TV.

I also never left my desk until I had written down what I learned in the last section, how it connected to the previous learning and what was my next step.

Simply put; what do I know, what don't I know.

Exercise and sleep are very important during the revision cycle. So is being organised and this is somewhere where a parent can definitely help.

And get someone else - maybe Mum - to write down your examination dates and times. That way you lessen the chance of mistakes.