Apirana Taylor Visit

By Adrienne Buckingham | Posted: Friday September 16, 2016

"Do not dim your brightness" was the advice Mr. Taylor had for his audience, after asking Angus Henderson in Year 9 to identify a musical note. Mr. Taylor went on to say that at his readings in Universities, many students could not name the symbol.

Apirana Taylor is one of New Zealand's best known and well respected poets. He travels the country and the world presenting his music and writing. Today he taught the Junior School about the power of words. Words have the power to stop wars, they remind us not to repeat the past and to make us strong. 

The years 9s and 10s had their minds challenged and expanded by his performance, the Whanau class hosted Mr. Taylor for a delicious catered lunch and a select group of creative writers developed their craft in a specialized workshop.

Words are a passport, boys. Use them to travel the globe.

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