Board Talk

By Andrew Kilsby | Posted: Wednesday September 14, 2016

The Education Review Office (ERO) visited the school earlier this year, and we recently received their final report. I am pleased to advise that the report is very positive towards the school, and complementary of the learning environment we are providing for our boys.

ERO concluded that the “school is very well led and managed” and that the “school's values, initiatives and orderly learning environment are having a positive impact on learning”. A full copy of the report has been posted on the school website, and I urge you to take some time to read it.

One of the key roles for a school board is to plan for the resourcing of the education requirements for our boys. The board is investing considerable time in identifying our core needs as a school, and building a long term plan as to how we can provide for them. We will be keenly interested in the views of our community as we go, so will be looking for your contribution as these projects take shape.