Term 3 Students of the Term

By OBHS | Posted: Thursday October 12, 2023

This week the Students of the Term for term 3 were announced.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

Year 9 – Toa Ratima

Toa has settled into Otago Boys’ extremely well. He is a polite and respectful young man who always produces work of a high standard. His exemplary work ethic is a result of his perseverance. Toa displays the schools’ values daily in everything he does. In his first year at Otago Boys’, Toa has been fully involved in sports, playing cricket, chess, basketball and volleyball.

Year 10 – Sunny Jiang

Sunny continues to work hard, and his effort grade for the term was exceptional. He is an incredibly respectful student with a positive disposition. Sunny constantly displays the school values. He always works to the best of his ability and often helps his peers. A well rounded student, he is a member of both the school orchestra and choir as well as being a keen volleyball player.

Year 11 – Liam Elder

Liam is a hardworking student whose commitment to his study is reflected in his academic results. A considerate student, Liam is willing to assist his classmates if necessary. He is a mature young man who displays the school’s values on a daily basis. Outside of the classroom Liam is actively involved in extra curricular activities and plays badminton for the school.

Year 12 – Ruwindu Dassanayake

An exceptionally hardworking student, Ruwindu continually strives to achieve to a high level. He wears his uniform with pride and is a polite and humble student who demonstrates the school values on a daily basis. In addition to his commitment to his studies, Ruwindu plays tennis, squash and chess for the school.

Year 13 – Matthew Bolter

A true OB’s boy. Matthew is the 2023 Deputy Head Boy, a top scholar and is actively involved in all aspects of school life. He is a popular and respected student who is a great role model for younger students. Matthew's work ethic is exceptional and his willingness to offer assistance to other students is to be admired. As well as success academically, Matthew has proven himself as an accomplished athlete and debater.