The Last Word

By James Nind | Posted: Monday August 29, 2016

After 13 years of the relatively carefree routine of school, trying to decide what comes next, preparing to leave our comfortable homes and to embrace independence. Although this speech is mostly aimed at those of us who are leaving, Im sure that others can still relate.

Before we rush through the archway for the last time, pause to think of the memories made in our time in the blue and white. I’m sure they’ll last a lifetime, embellished with each retelling.

We Year 13's have but two months until the blazer comes off for a final time, and I will miss it. My personal highlights include tournament week in Auckland with the 15 Blues, where I may have something I am yet to live down. Camp at Mt Aspiring with its endless ping pong games, unless you run out of balls on the second night and have to resort to chess. And the eye opening experience of going down to the Catlin’s to dip our toes into NCEA but mostly to have a good time.

I’m sure you lads will have similar memories that you will look back on fondly from your time here, some you probably shouldn’t mention in these hallowed halls. The common denominator of these experiences are the mates we shared them with.

Long after I leave through the archway I may not be able to quote Shakespeare, or nail a 'jacket give', but I really hope I will be able to remember the good times we’ve shared. If this school has given us but one thing, it is the gift of camaraderie. American politician Hubert H. Humphrey summed it up best when he said, “The greatest gift in life is friendship and I have received it.”