Ms Casey Meets Nobel Prize Recipient

By OBHS | Posted: Tuesday August 30, 2016

Ms Pru Casey (Teacher in Charge of Biology)is the recipient of the Maurice Wilkins Foundation Scholarship and is currently at the International Molecular Biology Conference in Nelson.

The opening address was from Nobel Laureate Sir John Gurdon.  Dr. Gurdon gained a Noble  Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2012 for his discoveries and work in stem cells, immortal cell cultures and stem cell therapy. With three other biology teachers, Ms Casey accompanied him to Nelson College to celebrate Rutherford's birthday. The photo below shows Principal, Gary O'Shea, welcoming participants onto the campus with a mihi whakatau, with the Rutherford House boarding school building shown behind. A selfie with Rutherford's bust in the school museum (called the Scriptorium) seemed compulsory!

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