Always great to welcome our international old boys back to school!

By Wayne Angus | Posted: Tuesday August 1, 2023

Zekai Wang and Kehan Jiang were part of our 2019 Year 13 Leaver’s class and were part of the generation that had their overseas study plans seriously impacted by Covid.

Returning to China at the end of 2019, they both intended to continue their university studies in New Zealand but were unable to return. After investigating different options, they both engaged with online study from China with the University of Auckland. 

Kehan was able to return to New Zealand for on-campus study in Auckland mid-last year (biological/environmental science) and Zekai returned to on-campus study, also at the University of Auckland, at the start of this year (civil engineering). Although they have both lost a bit of time along the way they have persisted with their plans to be New Zealand educated. 

Both Kehan and Zekai are very appreciative of the great preparation they had at OBHS. Good luck for the future guys!