OBHS shooters on target for success

By Jacqueline Irving | Posted: Monday June 12, 2023

Our intercollegiate clay target shooters competed at the Dunedin Clay Target Club on Sunday, June 11 in chilly low light conditions.

This was the last school competition the boys face in the lead-up to the South Island Secondary School's Clay Target Championships to be held in Dunedin on Saturday, 1 July. There are only three weeks of practice and Sunday provincial club shoots left for boys to steady their hand and eye coordination.

We have seven boys eligible to shoot at the forthcoming South Island Championships, and hope Charlie Scurr recovers from his shoulder injury so he can rejoin us. Our squad on Sunday was made up of: Shamus Young, Johnathon King, Jackson Stevens, Dustin Young, Hunter Burgess, and Charlie Hore.

Greg King barbecued the range of food families provided to keep boys warm and fed. It was great to have parents and even grandparents join us to support the boys. We are fortunate as are many sports teams at Otago Boys' High School to have a great team of encouragers and helpers.

The results from this shoot are pleasing and good sportsmanship was shown by all. Congratulations to all our students on their performance.

Senior Skeet - 3rd Johnathon King
Junior Skeet - 3rd Dustin Young

Senior Single Rise - 2nd Shamus Young
Junior Single Rise - 1st Dustin Young

Senior Points Score - 3rd Shamus Young

Junior Single Barrel - 3rd Dustin Young

HOA Dunedin Shooter Award - Shamus Young

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