Gateway 2023

By Jaxon Greer/Jacqueline Irving | Posted: Wednesday June 7, 2023

I am the third Gateway student that EB Engineering Solutions has hosted for The Gateway Experience.

This company has two fabrication and engineering workshops. I am based in the Wilkie Road workshop on a Thursday.

The range of innovative projects undertaken in their workshops includes the following:

  • Agricultural sector - design and manufacturing of the machinery for sheep-handling equipment both for farmers and contractors.
  • Horticultural sector - design and manufacturing of the machinery specific for sorting and  sizing of fruit and vegetables.

This company also specialises in spray trailers, spray pumps, transfer pumps, and solar water pumps. Manufacturing in this workshop is very specific to customer requirements regardless of how big or small the project is. I enjoy the variety of tasks I have the privilege of being a part of and the team who are upskilling me.

Also present at EB Engineering Solutions is Henry Sim, a former 2021 Gateway student and now an engineering apprentice in his second year.

Ollie Nicholson, (the recipient of The Prime Ministers Vocational Excellence Award in 2022) was hosted by EB Engineering last year for Gateway and is now in his first year as an apprentice with this company. Thank you to EB Engineering Solutions for your continued support of The Gateway Experience for students from Otago Boys' High School.

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