Scholarship Tutorial Programme

By Richard Harvey | Posted: Tuesday June 6, 2023

The Scholarship Tutorial Programme conducts tutorials for a variety of NCEA Scholarship subjects across different secondary schools in Dunedin for those students entered in Scholarship exams.

The objective is to assist students by deepening student knowledge and preparing them for the examinations. The tutorials are scheduled weekly or fortnightly, with varying durations on different days of the week. Most tutorials will commence at the start of Term 3, except for Health and PE tutorials, which will begin on Monday, 26 June. A full list of the schedule of classes can be found here.

 There is no cost to the students for this programme and we acknowledge the valuable support from the University of Otago, enabling the programme to be offered.

Students and parents/caregivers should read the DSSP Invitation letter to students before signing up so they are aware of the level of commitment.

For further information, students should please contact Richard Harvey or their scholarship subject teacher.

The closing date for registrations is Monday, 17 July. DSSP Registration Form 2023