Wānanga Days 2023

By Richard Harvey | Posted: Tuesday May 2, 2023

“Wānanga traditionally conveys meanings related to highly evolved knowledge and forums, in the sense of having a discussion to arrive at a deeper understanding.”

During weeks one and two, our senior students participated in Wānanga Days where they devoted an entire day to focus on a single subject. This allowed them to concentrate on one area of study without the need to switch between different classes, enabling them to explore material in greater depth and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the learning covered. Additionally, these days provided opportunities for collaborative learning and the chance to complete practical activities connected to assessment standards that are normally a challenge to complete during regular period lengths.

Year 13 student Rohan O’Shea commented, “Wananga days offer an excellent opportunity to put deep thinking into a specific subject.”

Year 11 Josef Chamberlain said, “It was very good to have a whole day working on our Woodwork projects because we made a lot of progress as we didn't have to start and stop all the time.”

Year 11 student - Oak Chisholm and Seb Small - “We really enjoyed our English lesson, we watched the Gladiator. Having a whole day was beneficial because we could study it uninterrupted, this would have been hard with normal lessons.” 

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