New Whakairo (Māori carving) for OBHS

By Vai Mahutariki | Posted: Wednesday April 5, 2023

The Senior Māori class is well underway towards completing the Whakairo project with the support of master carver and father of one of our students, Matua Alex Whitaker.

This has been part of the students’ learning this term, alongside their Te Ao Haka and Te Reo Māori studies.

When completed, it will be placed above the door entrance to the Tū Māna Room, which is the classroom for Te Reo Māori and Te Ao Haka as well as the Whānau class during form time.

The senior students helped provide the whakaaro (thoughts) behind the meaning of the carved work. It represents all whānau within the school, being proud of who they are and where they come from. It also represents having the strength to stand strong and uplifted in their learning around them and guided by the kaitiaki (guardians) in this quest.

This project will be completed next term and installed shortly thereafter. 

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