Demonstrating our school values in the community

By OBHS | Posted: Thursday March 23, 2023

This week, the Rector received the following message.

Kia ora 

I am the chairperson of the Otago Girls' Rowing Committee and wanted to send a message regarding Ryan Egan. 

As we loaded our boats onto the OB's trailer with St Hilda's and ourselves, the students that were there from Otago Boys' were generally all helping the rowers from both St Hilda's and Otago Girls', but the young person that stood out the most was Ryan Egan. 

His initiative in helping and loading the boats is commendable. He wasn't shy in supporting the rowers as they loaded the gear or boats needed up north. As a principal myself and future parent of a young man heading to Otago Boys', it was great to see that leadership, initiative and consideration to others was at the forefront. 

As a club we wish the young rowers representing Otago Boys' all the best.

Well done Ryan! A fine student upholding our school values.