OBHS v St Hilda's Prefect netball

By Harry Easton | Posted: Wednesday March 15, 2023

At lunchtime on Wednesday, the OBHS Prefects donned the St Hilda's netball dresses and competed in a fierce competition against the St Hilda's Prefects.

With little to no support, it seemed as if the girls would win purely from home support. 

With a tragic body fold from Bodhi and some rusty moves, things weren't looking good for the Hoops. In a close second quarter, it seemed as if the game was anyone’s. Halftime saw an intense game of live hungry hippos in which Rota and Matt A managed to secure the win for OB's. 

Back to the netball, with some great maneuvers and goals from Tai Tasi-Cordtz, the team was able to get away with a 2 point win in the end. 

A great start for us, as we look forward to our next showdown. 

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