Junior Values Badges 2023

By Elaine Kelly | Posted: Monday January 30, 2023

This year, many of the current Year 10 started off the year wearing the badges that they worked hard for in 2022.

The badges may be worn on the collar or the school tie. If you forgot your badges this week, make sure you wear them from here on in. Boys who were not at prize giving at the end of last year can collect their excellence and/or honour badge from Ms Kelly in room 2.

This year we will be continuing to award badges to junior boys. If you are a Year 10 who still has some badges to collect, you still have this whole year to do so. It is about putting in the effort boys and making sure your teachers catch you upholding the school values.

For new Year 9 boys, this is the perfect time to kick things off on the right foot and show us what you are made of. In term 1, we focus on the value of Respect and there are many ways in which you can display this value. Good manners and a great attitude in class is one way, but also showing respect for your brothers and the staff in the ways that you interact with them is just as important, as is ensuring that you keep the school grounds and classrooms clean and tidy.

Here is a reminder of the criteria you need to pass to gain a badge at the end of Term 1. Boys must fulfil two of these three criteria to gain a badge:

  1. Have a positive postcard sent home.

  2. Have a GPA of 3.8 minimum in effort grades.

  3. Gain 4 or more house points.

This is also outlined in your homework diary and if you have any questions, you can email Ms. Kelly or find her in room 2.