By Richard Hall | Posted: Sunday November 13, 2022

Otago Boys’ High School is a Year 9-13 secondary school for boys. It was established in 1863. Today there are over 800 students, including approximately 140 hostel boys and a small number of international students, enrolled at any one time. In 2023, we will celebrate 160 years.

The school is committed to educating young men to become well-rounded and reach their potential in the three endeavours: academic work, cultural pursuits and sport. We recognise the rural students who have chosen this school and ensure they, and the hostel, play an integral part in school life.

We aim for excellence. The main focus is on teaching and learning, on individuals and their success. We offer the students a clear pathway that meets every student’s needs, allowing him access to success at every level. Opportunities for creativity are provided through our Technology and Music departments, whilst the Physical Education department offers the boys the opportunities to become physically fit, learn new skills and understand that a healthy body and lifestyle contributes to a healthy mind. We encourage our young men to “look after their mates” – both inside and outside the school.

Most importantly we adhere to our vision and values:

  • Honour
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Courage
  • Perseverance

With these in mind, we limit the amount of time students have on a device. Phones are banned inside the school. They must be switched off and in bags while you are at school, and laptops are used in class to enhance research and writing skills.

Our aim is to inspire, support and encourage all the young men at Otago Boys’ High School to reach their potential. Teaching programmes are regularly reviewed, and the professional development of the teachers is tailored to ensure that the needs of the students are being addressed and met.

2023 promises to be another exciting year.