Otago/Southland Road Race

By OBHS | Posted: Thursday May 26, 2016

This week saw the running of the Otago/Southland Road Race which was held in fine conditions in Milton.

The senior team continue to show their dedication to ensure they maintain their position in the cross country events with another 1st place.  These boys encourage and foster the other teams to follow in their footsteps.  We look forward to these teams improving their placings in the coming weeks.

The results are as follows:

Individual - Boys Senior

1st Nathan Hill 0:05:55, 2nd Nick Pryde 0:05:58, Matthew Ogle 0:06:05, Flynn Steel 0:06:17, Cam Miller 0:06:17, Jacob Beal-Harris 0:06:19, Olly Higgins 0:06:42, Max Watt 0:06:51.

Individual - Boys Junior

Jack Divers 0:06:35, Charlie Marsh 0:06:39, Walter Savage 0:06:45, Shea Darwen 0:06:48, Hamuera Kereopa 0:07:02, Lucas Goeverts 0:07:04, Mike Bellamy 0:7:14, Josh Friend 0:07:18.

Teams - Boys Senior

1st OBHS Senior A: Nick Pryde, Cam Miller, Matthew Ogle and Nathan Hill 0:24:15

6th OBHS Senior B: Olly Higgins, Jacob Beal-Harris, Max Watt and Flynn Steel 0:26:09

Teams - Boys Junior

4th OBHS Junior A: Hamuera Kereopa, Shea Darwen, Charlie Marsh and Jack Divers 0:27:04

7th OBHS Junior B: Walter Savage, Mike Bellamy, Josh Friend and Lucas Goeverts 0:28:21