Hostel fishing trip

By OBHS Hostel | Posted: Monday August 22, 2022

The much-awaited hostel charter boat fishing trip finally got the go ahead on Sunday.

It was definitely a case of third time lucky as this trip had been put off twice due to bad weather and unfavourable conditions.

With nice warm weather and even nicer flat waters, the fish were biting and our boys made and enjoyed the absolute best of it. Everyone caught a fish or two, and a couple of boys caught well over a dozen fish each! 

The highlight of the day was Year 9 student Toby McClean catching a 51cm blue cod which was 2cm off being the biggest blue cod ever caught on the boat we were on. 

Thank you to teaching staff member Richard Roe for volunteering to help drive and supervise our boys for this very enjoyable activity, alongside our Senior Director Pita Sinamoni. 

Special thanks to Ezy Fish Charters and Captain Paul for hosting us.  A great day was had by all!

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