Term 3 begins

By Andrew King | Posted: Sunday July 24, 2022

I hope you have had a good break and enjoyed the two hours of sun you might have got.

As we look forward to getting back to school for term 3, I would like to take this opportunity to reinforce some of our basic school rules. It is important we start the term as we mean to go on.

Can you please remind your son to be clean-shaven and ensure their hair is neat, not dyed and appropriate for school. Hair longer than the collar must be tied back.

Also, students should wear the correct footwear of black leather lace-up shoes for juniors, and black leather dress shoes for seniors. Seniors are required to wear their blazers to and from school and therefore need their blazers every day.

As we start term 3 with our traditional full school assembly, it is important that the boys have their face masks with them. It is also important that we all wear masks indoors during class time. The Rector grants exemptions with proof of accompanying medical exemption. Our pastoral team will be checking the boys meet these standards before assembly.