A Message From the Rector

By R Hall | Posted: Monday May 23, 2016

Winter arrived at school on Monday. We are overdue and certainly I am not complaining, but it prompts me to request that parents do not send their son to school if he is unwell. All that happens is that he stays sick, he infects his classmates and the staff. The illness then stays in the school.

Our exchange with Southland Boys' was, although a loss, was a significant learning experience. The reemergence of the Hoops Army, a student led school cheer squad, proved to be a real success. If we are doing well as a school, then it shows in groups like this.

Another learning experience occurred when Isimeli Tuivaga had to face the television camera immediately after the loss of the First XV fixture. That is the world of professional sport, but at 18 years of age, Isimeli managed the moment  and I thought he did very well.

Yesterday senior students received their latest 'Credits to Date' printout. This was given to your son during form time. Please check with him, if he did not receive this then please contact the office.

A key discussion from this form is necessary, particularly if you are unfamiliar with NCEA or you want to be clearer about how he is progressing.